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The Benefits of Owning a Carhartt Actic Coat

It is important for you to get a very good outerwear that will protect you from the harshness of the weather if you work in an environment with extreme cold. Carhartt arctic coats are the right choice for you because they are manufactured to provide good insulation, and at the same time allow you to move around with flexible ease. Carhartt clothing is made from high quality materials and is in different styles with great benefits for consumers, both at work and at leisure.
Good fabric

Carhartt arctic coats are made from canvass, which is a flexible material that allows plenty of movements and at the same time strong and durable. No matter how tough your kind of job is, this fabric will withstand any abuse and it will take a longtime before it wears. Another material in carhartt coat is fleece, which is a very soft and warm material that does not irritate the skin. You can also choose polyester lined coat and quilted options if you work in a colder weather.


When you're working a in a cold environment you'll like to get a coat that has plenty of functionality. Carhartt arctic coats have detachable hood that can be removed or attached at will. This is important so as to avoid the hood from getting caught in the machinery during work. And it can be reattached to protect your ears from getting too cold.

Water resistance

You need a coat with an outer nylon shell if you work in an environment with plenty of snow or a place that is regularly damped. Carhartt coats are built to provide waterproofing and at the same time ensure that you're warm.

Flame resistance

For people who work in an environment where they are constantly exposed to flame, carhartt arctic coats provide excellent protection and rest of mind. Protection from flame is ensured by the treatment of the coats with retardant chemicals to ensure safety for the people that wear it.

Choice of lining

Carhartt coats come in different types of lining that are suitable for your specific needs. There is the blanked lining which is a mixture of acrylic and polyester to ensure warm temperature in cold weather. There is also the quilt flannel which is a quilted polyester tricot that gives soft and warm feeling. Also there is the mild-weight lining made from nylon taffeta and attached to polyester batting, providing the wearer soft feeling without ever making them feel bulky. Made from polyester mix fiber and acrylic is the serpa lining. And of course there is the thermal lining made from polyester raschel knit that provides comfortable feel in cold weather.


Carhartt arctic coats have utilities like inner pockets that help you keep things safe and secure. You can make use of the inner pockets to keep cell phone, wallets, even paperwork that you may need to make use of, while you're working. There are also outer pockets that you can use to keep tools that you will need while working. These pocket utilities should never be overlooked because they make your job easier and more efficient.